scouting for beards

twenty y/o pogonophile from london.
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  • lynn: i am going to die
  • me: alone?
  • me: because.. like.. join the club
  • lynn: together alone
  • me: but then we wont be alone
  • lynn: dude, stfu and accept the joke
  • me: we accept the jokes we think we deserve
  • lynn: we accept the jokes we think
  • lynn: ...
  • lynn: i was just
  • lynn: typing
  • lynn: that
  • me: omfg
  • me: i cant
  • me: why arent we tumblr famous
  • lynn: because we accept the fame we think we deserve
  • me: sdifdsfgsdih
  • me: nope
  • me: done
  • lynn: same
  • lynn: and in that moment, I swear we were done
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